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    Title MD's Pick - Base/Primer Real Review
    Posted by jolse (ip:)
    • Date 2018-04-27
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    When you're doing base makeup, do you have a concern about dead skin cells, uneven skin texture, highlighting skin pores?

    To present the perfect skin, the first step you need to take is using the right base the suits you.

    Today we have prepared the base/primer review that increases your basic knowledge about the base makeup.

    Depends on the skin type and weather, you need to use a different primer.

    Smart use of a primer is fundamental for the perfect base makeup.

    Moisture primer suitable for moderate and dry skin, moistless skin and fall and winter when the weather gets colder.

    Pore primer for oily skin and large skin pores, and summer when the sebum secretion is at the peak.

    Brought you two popular items per each type.

    < Moisture primer >

    Etude House Glow On Hydra Base 30ml

    This product has two different types, but I want to introduce the moisture highlighting, #Hydra base today.

    All-In-One makeup base product that gives you hydrating and strobing effect, also works as a primer.

    Jewelry glowing complex which contains 7 different types of jewel ingredients, gives a bright and lively sheen to your skin.

    It feels like a lightly absorbing moisture essence, and as it is smoothly absorbed oily skins can use this product with no pressure.

    Innisfree Mineral Moisture Fitting Base 40ml

    Instead of filtered water, it contains 100% fresh Jeju Island green tea allowing ultra-hydration.

    It is a 3-In-1 moisturizer which feels like applying moist lotion, cream and primer at once.

    Even though it is a water base, it wasn't too watery but rather more glutinous while naturally melting at the body temperature and nicely spreading.

    It can lightly cover the skin pores giving a smooth finish.

    < Pore Primer >

    touch in SOL No Poreblem Primer 30ml

    Smooth and dewy moisture gel type pore primer.

    Generally, a pore primer is lacking moisture with a stiffy and dry texture, but this product has a hydrated watery texture.

    The finish which is moist inside and soft outside and neatly tides the skin pores and irregularities of skin gives you a good feeling.

    It was not too matte, except for the extremely dry skin, all other skin types may use.

    VDL Satin Veil Primer Sparkle 30ml

    Contains gold powder which softly adheres instantly covering unevenness of the skin and wrinkles.

    Even though it is a pore primer, it contains a real gold powder that naturally shines making the skin look vital.

    Thinly and lightly spreads and quickly adheres giving a soft sensation.

    Compare to other primers ingredients are not provocative it fits for a sensitive skin as well.


    If you're curious about this product, click the link below.

    Etude House Glow On Hydra Base 30ml

    Etude House Glow On Hydra Base 30ml

    Innisfree Mineral Moisture Fitting Base 40ml

    Innisfree Mineral Moisture Fitting Base 40ml

    touch in SOL No Poreblem Primer 30ml

    touch in SOL No Poreblem Primer 30ml

    VDL Satin Veil Primer Sparkle 30ml

    VDL Satin Veil Primer Sparkle 30ml

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