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TITLE How to order an item? How can I use credit?
POSTED BY jolse (ip:)
  • DATE 2019-03-19 09:39:46
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1. On item page, click 'buy now' or 'add to cart' button.

2. Once you click 'add to cart' button, you will see the notice. Click 'go to cart' if you want to proceed checkout right away. If you want

to add more items, click the 'continue shopping' button. once you click 'add to cart' you will see this notice. click 'go to cart' if you want

to proceed checkout

3. Click 'check out' if you want to buy all items in your cart.
Or if you want to order some specific items in your cart, check on the items and click 'checkout selected items'

4. Now it is time to choose the shipping method. You can select a shipping option here. You can select a shipping option from

the 4 shipping options. (Shipping options can be restricted in some regions) If you need a tracking number, you can select Standard

mail with $2.50 shipping cost. If you need items urgently, you can select Expedited or DHL as you want. Based on the total amount

(including store credit), we offer free Standard Mail for over USD40 and free EMS shipping for over USD150. Please select needed

shipping option, then 'Total Amount Due' will be calculated automatically depending on order amount and shipping charge.

However, even if you pay over $150 for order, we cannot offer EMS shipping to certain countries, please refer to the below link. In that

case, we will provide Intl. Parcel (CP) method instead. Click here to check EMS shipping excluded countries And because of the

special situation of Spanish customs, we will send order using Standard Mail to Spain even if you pay over $150.

5. You will see your registered address on the shipping information if this is your first order on Jolse. If you have previous order, you will

see the address of the previous order in this section. If you want to send a package to another place, you can just write the new address

in this part. Good news for re-sellers! You can select former address from 'Address Book' if you want.

6. To use a coupon or store credit, apply them in this stage. But please note, you can use credit for over $20 order.
The credit section would not be visible if your order is under $20.

Check this link if you need more information on 'How To Use Coupons'

- you can apply a coupon if you have this section would not be visible if you do not have a coupon
- you can use credit in this section, just put an available number in the box but please note, you can use credit only for over $20 order the

section would not be visible if you place an order for under $20

7. Click the PLACE ORDER button, then you will see the PayPal page. Log in and proceed to check out if you have a Paypal account.

If you don't have a PayPal account, please click the "pay with Debit or Credit Card" button.

Now it is done! Thank you :)

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